About Us

Da Bus was an idea I had while I was at lunch one day. I told my buddies; why not have a shuttle service so that when bikers come to town for the rally they can get on a bus and go to town and drink. They needed a way to go party and not have to worry about DUI's or getting their scooter ripped off!

So I went to the local school bus operator and purchased two of his older buses, my friends and I painted them with the cheapest paint we could find and after a couple of hundred dergree plus days we had created "DA BUS".

We slopped a schedule together and the day before the 1999 rally we started. Response was good right away, yes things were slow, but no-one knew about the shuttle service so only time would tell!

As campgrounds, bars and concert facilities realized this service was available things got better.

I hired local school bus drivers that had never really had to put up with a bunch of drunk bikers and whatever got on "Da Bus". All in all the drivers enjoy what they do, and they ask to drive again the next year! Good bus drivers are hard to find! There was very little trouble from anyone. The drivers work hard all day long fighting traffic, the heat of August and they do an excellent job holding on for a week of that kind of work.

I had been in Law Enforcement for years in this area so I knew what kind of trouble people can get into after a few beers with all the Law Enforcement that is around that week of the rally. It only takes a few drinks to ruin your whole rally trip. Go to jail, get your bike towed, and hope your ole lady gets back to camp OK without ya!

We have come a long ways in just 19 years; the main problems that have confronted us has been communication with the buses and TRAFFIC. Cell phones are jammed that week, so we have a nice radio set up now. The traffic is and always will be a problem, but we always try to maintain a regular schedule so that people know when the bus is coming and going. Every year we learn more and more and we adjust.

I am very excited about what this service provides the rally and the people that use it. Believe me, I know what it is like to be pulled over during the rally and the last thing you want is to have been drinking, because you WILL go to JAIL. We receive a lot of input from people and 99.9% of it is positive and everyone wants to come back the next year and ride "Da Bus" again!

The atmosphere on "Da Bus" is that of a party type of place, most everyone has been or is going to town to drink, or to the concerts and they all know that when they want to come home they can get a SAFE and PROFESSIONAL ride back to camp! You name it and we have seen it on "Da Bus". My drivers will call me and ask me if things like that can be done on the bus and I say GO FOR IT!!!!! They are here to party so let them!!

The future of "Da Bus" is good, as long as people come to party they will need a way to get back and forth so they can cut loose. The laws are getting stricter and stricter when it comes to drinking and driving. So we will be here for you to come and party!

To date we now have 20+ buses and furnish Rally shuttle service to all campgrounds within a ten mile radius, accept for the two campgrounds that have their own shuttle service. We also provide transportation to Spearfish and Deadwood.

  "DA BUS" also has expanded into private parties, weddings, and local tours. Alcohol is also a part of our service which can be served on "DA BUS". Loud music, colored lights and a good party atmosphere are what make "DA BUS" THE BEST DAMN PARTY ON WHEELS!

Thanks for riding Da Bus,

Steve, DA BOSS